Nylon & Polyester Sling Features

Load Protection:
Will not mar, deface, or scratch the most highly polished metal surface and is equally gentle to non-metallic loads.


Tensile strength is outstanding.


Lightweight and extremely flexible; they are easily and quickly handled and adjusted to the load.

Varied Sling Widths:
With widths from 1” to 24” (or even wider) there is a synthetic sling to accommodate every lifting application.


Adjusts to load contour and holds it with a tight, slip resistant grip.  Non-sparking.

Long Life:

Unaffected by mildew, rot, or bacteria, and have excellent abrasion resistance. All Liftex® slings, whether in nylon or polyester, are treated to repel moisture and dirt, and to reduce the affects of abrasion.


Low initial cost plus long service life.

Indication Core:
Most flat web slings have RED indicator core yarns to help assist in determining sling wear or damage. If these red core yarns are visible the slings should be removed from service immediately. (WARNING: A sling may still need to be removed from service immediately even if the red core yarns are not visible. In some applications slings may become very dirty making the red yarns not as visible. Also even if the red core yarns are not visible there could still be damage in other areas of the sling. All slings should be carefully inspected before every use.)

Nylon & Polyester Performance Characteristics

Before ordering slings that are going to be used in a chemically active
environment, contact Liftex® Customer Service, to recommend the right
sling for the application.