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Pro-Edge®: Premium edge for longest life.


50% tougher than standard webbing. It is a scientific fact that twisted yarns are more resistant to abrasion than untwisted yarns. Since these twists are part of the yarn construction, the abrasion resistance properties of the yarn will not fade away after standard wear. This contrasts with other premium “edge” products, which use untwisted yarns with chemical coatings. When the coatings wear off, the consumer is left with ordinary yarns without realizing they’ve lost edge protection.


Pro-Edge® maintains 50% more strength than standard webbing when submitted to 2,500 cycles of surface abrasion. Superior abrasion resistance is achieved by controlling yarn shrinkage through a special heat-setting process. When submitted to repeated surface and edge abrasion, Pro-Edge® maintains its strength far better than most other webbing products on the market.


Pro-Edge® is different from most other premium edge slings in that the edge protection is structural — it is built into the sling. Pro-Edge® features edge reinforcement with twisted tire cord yarns. Tire cord yarns provide maximum resistance to wear and abrasion for the same reason that these yarns are used in tires. Additionally, the twisting of these yarns provides an enhanced degree of resistance to abrasion as compared to non-twisted yarns which means a longer sling life.


Superior performance is built-in.


Pro-Edge web

As a standard practice, and even though LIFTEX® Pro-Edge® provides added protection, it’s important to understand that load edges in contact with ANY type of synthetic sling must be “protected” with materials of sufficient thickness or strength to prevent sling damage. Liftex® offers a complete selection of wear pads and protective sleeves.

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