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Marine Slings


Eye Treatment

Available straight or tapered and with a flat or half twist eye.

Loose Pin Shackle

Made of strong forged steel.

Extra Eye

Available for adjusting length of sling. Can be made the same as end terminals (i.e. half-twist tapered loop, etc.)

Keel Pads

Fasten to the sling at the center to protect the sling from wear at this maximum load point. Specify fixed or sliding.

Sliding Chine and Rub Rail Sleeves

Prevent damage to both the sling and boat at the chine and rub rails.

Lead Weights

Keeps the sling under water for easier positioning on the boat. Keel pad required when lead weights are used.

Fabric-Eye Disconnect & Disconnect Pins

Available for 8” wide slings and wider.

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BOAT SLING Liftex Boat Slings.png

*Larger sizes available

*Before ordering slings that are going to be used in a chemically active environment, contact Liftex Customer Service to receive a recommendation for the right sling for the right application.

Chemically Active Environments can affect the strength of web slings in varying degrees; ranging from little to total degradation.


PROTECT SLINGS FROM CUTTING: Failure to protect sling from cutting may result in damage, injury or death. Contact us to discuss sling protection options.

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