TECHLON™ Round Slings


SUPERTECHLON® and TECHLON™ Round Slings are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fiber and offer an enhanced combination of strength and flexibility with a patented abrasion resistant outer jacket while providing lifting security and rigging ease.

Each SUPERTECHLON® and TECHLON™ Round Sling is covered with a single polyester woven jacket with enhanced abrasion resistant properties to protect the load-bearing fibers from damage. Because the load-bearing fibers never come in contact with the load, they are protected from cuts, abrasions and ultraviolet degradation.

TECHLON™ Round Slings are high capacity polyester round slings with TECHLON™ sleeve. TECHLON™ Round Slings do not have the capacity or stripes printed on the sleeve.

RoundUp™ Round Sling Advantages

  • Reduce cost with less total rigging weight

  • Easy handling and storage

  • Reduce risk of back and hand injuries

  • Cover abrasion will not reduce capacity

  • Provides a strong grip on loads

  • Provides a tighter choke with an easier release

  • Each sling has a tough, resilient tag

  • Capacities are color coded


SUPERTECHLON  Round Sling Advantages


  • Patented abrasion resistant TECHLON™ outer cover delivers up to twice the durability of a standard cover

  • Stripe coded to assist in sling capacity identification

    • Each stripe equals 3000lbs of vertical capacity

    • Rated higher than Industry standard

  • Vertical lifting capacity printed on the outer cover

  • All-in-one fly tags and identification tag for ease of use

  • Top portion of the tag is protected by the sleeve which can be slid back to reveal the required sling data

  • Individually serialized for traceability



Liftex® SUPERTECHLON®  Round Slings are ideal in abrasive environments when a standard round sling isn't holding up. The tough, abrasion resistant sleeve gives the SUPERTECHLON® round sling the tenacity it needs to hold up to the tough jobs. They may be used in a vertical, choker or basket hitch and can be either endless or eye & eye.



How to Order:   Part Number - Footage - D (for domestic)

Example:   ST-ENR-24000-06-D (6' blue SUPERTECHLON® round sling)


How to Order:   Part Number - Footage - D (for domestic)

Example:   T-ENR-60000-08-D (8' 60,000# TECHLON™ round sling)

*Before ordering slings that are going to be used in a chemically active environment, contact Liftex Customer Service to receive a recommendation for the right sling for the right application.

Chemically Active Environments can affect the strength of web slings in varying degrees; ranging from little to total degradation.

PROTECT SLINGS FROM CUTTING: Failure to protect sling from cutting may result in damage, injury or death. Contact us to discuss sling protection options.